Ferryt – it includes a number of business solutions for certain sectors (e.g. loan handling, insurance sales, etc.) but also standard solutions that are sector independent (e.g. e-Archive, debt collection, law firm services).

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Produkt: Ferryt Enterprise Platform
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Ferryt Commissions is a flexible tool for settlement of commissions and bonuses in the sales network. 

The module allows the settlement of each active sales model, including:

• own sales network
• chain partners
• individual partners
• Internet sales
• portals

Ferryt Commissions allows the sales network to be modelled in the organizational structure of the system. The role and place of each person in the structure or of a third party (in the case of intermediaries) has an impact on the amount of received commissions. In addition, different people in the structure can receive commissions from unit sales (e.g. the seller, manager, head of the division, etc.) depending on the settlement scheme modelled. Each person involved in the sales process has up-to-date insight into the current state of their commissions, including information on how it was calculated.

Flexible commission models and fast payout
The selected functionality of the module The selected functionality of the module
Steps of the settling commissions process Steps of the settling commissions process
Benefits of module implementation Benefits of module implementation
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